Hydrophobic selants (Waterproof coatings)

The hydrophobic coatings are containing the nano-metric-particles for creation hydrophobic surfaces and reduce pollution levels. These coatings are as a solution which contains Nano metric- particles and other compounds and after removal of the solvent, the nano particles deposit on the surface. Particles uniformly distributed between surface molecules and the yielded surface is strongly hydrophobic and it prevents of wetting or water penetration on the surfaces too. Therefore, the surface remains clean and the contaminations with water will be removed in order to the lack of water penetration and corrosion damages. So, a clean coating on many industrial products is applicable.



Concrete, stone, brick, cement, such as building facades, walls and structures, construction

Ceramic surfaces, glass, tiles, sanitary porcelain, such as auto glass, windows, building, bathroom

Textiles surfaces, cloths and other textiles such as furniture, cars, chairs, bags, jackets, umbrellas

Polymer and polymer paint surfaces such as banners, billboards

Metallic surfaces such as roof surfaces and composites