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About  us

Sharif Nano Pars Company counted as one of the pioneers in the field of Nano technology in Iran and with utilizing the achievements of researchers during these years, called it as Nano technology, they could take some important steps in development of general and industrial Nano-coatings with regarding to particular features. So far, the mentioned company has implemented different Projects in various areas of the coatings successfully. Also according to this sets, attempted to implement different Projects and broadly development in order to have some high quality and standard products. This process has a particular role in eliminating needs of country in nano technology. The high Tech Company established in 2012, with recording as brand and its name and trademark could get the certification of nano scale of Nano Organization in Iran. This company is also one of the branches of science based (Daneshe Bonyan) companies approved by vice president of technology, so with this kind of definition, the certification of approved nano-properties by Sharif R&D complex. With relying on the up-to-date technical knowledge, the customer-oriented motto is the main principle in our company, but the accuracy of the executive management team and providing continuing education & training for executive teams or transmission and reception of experience between project managers caused to reinforce team’s technical knowledge or improvement executive operation in public and private projects.